Hi am on this cause i feel like i have no one who would listen to me , i have a two year old and a 6 year old who has me more than a little stress these last couple mths and throwing alotta tantrums i find myself crying not knowing what to do and i feel overwhelmed , i also stopped working like i use to and it makes me feel unproductive and sad


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Chrystal - posted on 10/20/2014




Thanks Brenda ans Celest, who knew just writing can make someone smile. My advice i can give Brenda is i have been trying to exercise when the big one is in school and the small one take a nap and that helps pull me out of that frustration . The tantrums have not gotten any better but girl am taking it day by day . Am terrified to carry the baby anywhere cause it gets so bad when am out in public , my two yr old sees something she wants and literally wipes the floor. Just praying things will turn around soon .

Brenda - posted on 10/09/2014




I am right there with you! I have a 5 year old step-daughter and a 1 1/2 year old thats been driving me nuts lately! I also had to stop working because finding a babysitter was stressing me out more then actually working. dads in the picture but he's always working so I'm with the girls most of the time. i share you stress i know things will get better.. i hope they will! if you have any advise for me please share!

Celest - posted on 10/09/2014




dear mommy this is normal i have a son that and a daughter that's going through it i know how you feel do yourself a favor breath, its part of life and the best way i deal with it it i throw tantrums too with them makes them stop and look at you as if you lost your marbles. just remember they are trying to communicate with you and we cant always understand them but ask them to show you it works wonders. good luck mommy.

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