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i have been a single mom since the day I found out I was pregnant. I work and go to college at the same time. the father of my child has been in and out her life for times I sometimes dropped her off because I trusted him but their came a time were I picked up my daughter and she smelled like weed that was the end of it so he seen her when I was their with her but I noticed that he didn't really pay attention to her he was always on his phone and their came a point she fell of the couch. i was really tired of it i tried because i thought my daughter needed her father recently he has dated girls and because of that he stopped seeing her. he only sees her when he wants too yesterday he admitted that he didn't want to see my daughter nomore i am really disappointed on that i think its time to step up i want to put a restraining order on him because i don't want him later on as the years go by for him to try to walk back in or try to take her away from me. any advice what should i do?


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Well, first of all, restraining orders are for people who are looking to cause you harm, have threatened you, or physically abused you. They are NOT for use by "baby mamas" that want to keep the "baby daddy" away.

Get paternity established, custody and visitation established, and request support. Just so you understand, visitation and support are two entirely separate entities, and will most likely be treated as such. Follow your court orders to the letter. If he chooses to not adhere to a visitation schedule, you cannot force him, but that still doesn't give you the right to tell him he cannot see his child.

You don't have the right to make the decision to withhold the child from ever knowing her father based on your feelings towards him that changed after you got pregnant or had the baby. At one point, you thought enough of this person to have an unprotected sexual encounter, resulting in this child.

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