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Hi to every beautiful woman,

I've lot of question in my mind right now and i don't know how to explain it at all at once. So i will trying to explain all as i can. I had irregular period all of the time and never had even one time regular. NO ever.

First, I am PCOS patient while I'm was 16 year old, blood test result showed that. Because of my underweight and unhealthy BMI.

I'm 20 year old now. I had been taken Clomid 50mg to 100mg last year ago, i am not very sure when is the first time i took it. Maybe last year november until january and i stopped is because i'm getting tired of the pain trying swollen of my life.

After i stopped taking clomid, My period is starting becoming regular through 4 months, and i had intercourse with my husband last month ago. April 28 still having my period but almost to finish. After intercourse 4 days later, i went to toilet pee and i weep it off, it is pinkish colour on my tissue. And i doesn't care about this because i thought it is would be hormone change is because i changed into new environment and stressful against studies . But day pass by and pass, pink to brown to light and heavy flow bright red. That's abnormal to me because i never had been this happen before. And tiny panty liner to sanity pads. I'm getting worry. My right lower adobmen something like i'm on period but i doesn't have that " period feeling " Means if i'm coming period, i can feel the flowing and blood clots dropping down from my vaginal, ( like you're urine ) , but now it doesn't feel any. I did bleed heavy bright red and little small clots and no pain.

What should i do the next? please give advice to me asap

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