Hi everyone.I live in Glasgow in Scotland and my daughter now lives in Brisbane Austrailia where she has lived for 2 years and will soon be applying for residency.She is currently home as she is getting married on the 27th of July and I am so happy for her and very proud.However 2 days after her big day she is returning to Austrailia and I wont see her again for at least a year and a half.Like I say im extremely proud of her she has a phenominal job and wonderful life in Oz however I miss her so much it hurts every day.People say great place for holidays etc etc but I would find it hard to get the time from work or money to visit.I myself took her backpacking round the world when she was just two and am so proud that she has that wanderlust and bravery to be creating a fantastic career abroad I just dont know how I can say goodbye to my little girl knowing Ill probably only see her every other year for 2 weeks.Dont get me wrong we fight like any mother and daughter but are also so close.Does anyone else feel like this I find it so hard although I would never deny her the happiness and life she has?


Louise - posted on 07/23/2012




Do you have skype? This way you can talk and see each other every day and it will cost you absolutely nothing. I know this is not the same as physically seeing her but it is the next best thing. My son is studying in Edinburgh and I live in Cambridge I talk to him most days on skype to see how he is doing. It is a god send. My husband works in Athens and I talk to him too. All absoulutely free.

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