Hi, Everyone......I went to my Dr today with my 4 month old she is my third child. She is or should Ip say until today was exclusily breast fed. I am feeling horriblr but my Dr is saying she isn't getting enough because she lost weight. I am wondering if I pump and mix it with the formula if that will work. Also I plan on letting her nurse after pumping to get the back milk and drinking nursing tea now. However I wasn't sure about mixing the brest milk with the formula any suggestions on this would be great!!! My Goal is to get her back on brest only!!!...


Elfrieda - posted on 11/27/2012




Hi Amber, sorry you have to go through this. I was just in this situation with a too-skinny baby, too, and my midwife said that I should first nurse the baby, then give any expressed breastmilk in a bottle, and then give formula to top her up. And while the baby is eating from the bottle (or right after), pump for 10 minutes each side to stimulate the breasts to make more. Then store that milk for the next feed.

I had been mixing the breastmilk and formula, but she suggested not to do that because the baby might not drink the whole bottle, and then you've wasted some precious breastmilk.

She also told me to buy fenugreek and blessed thistle capsules and take 3 of each 3x daily. That's 18 pills a day, yikes! Fortunately for me, before I got to a health food store to buy them, my supply went up just from pumping, nursing tea, porridge, and beer. But I thought I'd let you know.

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