hi everyone.right well my daughter is 7 months she is teething and it is getting to but she normally is a content baby untill theses last few weeks.she is teething and bit under weather BUT she screams so much that she burks and gets her self into a right state....thing is if i pick her up she will laugh and smile an wana play then i put her down again and the sccreaming starts again am so stressesd out with it..i no that if i pick her up and she still crying its her teeth but then other times she playing me i think she arches her bk and really shouts if this is her being spoilt how do i get her out of it i am confused one min she all smiles then the next its like she needs to go see a doc but this changes in seconds she mental lol bless her ?? xxxx


Samantha - posted on 12/10/2012




sorry didnt read it thru..but u get me right? is she spoilt or can babys still be in pain and then smile when they get attention..cheeky! x

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