Hi Girls! I am giving birth to twins on the 20 th of August and its my first time !!! was just wondering if my husband can stay the night with me in the postnatal ward .. Really dont want to stay there for four days after my c - section .. any comments on that . Thank you and good luck with everything


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Demi - posted on 08/14/2013




Thank you Gena, thats very nice of you , i certainly will ask my midwife and see what are the possibilities here in the UK .

Gena - posted on 08/14/2013




I dont know how it is where you live.Here we have a family room,the husband can stay and sleep over.It has a big bed and a seperate little room with a couch,table,tv and a waterboiler.I loved it and would take that room again,the only thing i didnt like was the waterboiler and tea cups..had to offer all visitors tea and coffee.We payed 20swiss francs a night it included breakfast lunch and dinner.Was totaly worth the money. Ask your midwife about sleeping possibilties.
Good luck and congratulations!

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