hi how do i start convo with other moms x

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Olivia - posted on 11/07/2013




I have come here in hopes of any moms out there who have and or are suffering from ptls.It is caused from tubal ligation. The most recent problem has been with filshire clips, which is what i have.They cause pain and other complications.They migrate and can implant anywhere in your body. There are several women who had a tubal ligation done at the beginning of this year2013,and soon after like myself...they began having symptoms and severe pain. I have recently started having chest pains.I had an ekg done and it was not my heart. I have had chest pain the same time ,as my abdominal or back pain. Doctors are overlooking this. If more than a thousand ppl go to the health and drug administration site to report these complications...they will have to gain awareness, and recognize our pain and suffering .Before my tubal was done i never had any problems, never any pain. Now everyday is a battle with pain on my right side which sometimes fluctuates to the left.Having a reversal is expensive.I just want my health back, not this pain from these filshire clips

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/10/2012




Exactly like you posted this. Put the topic in the top bar, and post the body in the second bigger passage.

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