hi i am a grandparent who doesnt see my grandchildren and am heartbroken and i am looking to see whether their is a group organisation that could refer me to where i could befriendc a grandchild with no grandparents is their such a thing


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Tamara - posted on 07/05/2011




Im not sure where you are, I know here they have an adopt a grandparent program, May google it with your area.

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I would recommend going to your local YMCA (if you live in the US) or maybe contact the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. Also, maybe just go to your local community center and ask around. There may be some family that doesn't have any grandparents around (either due to death or distance) that would loe to spend time with you and get "grandma time."

There's an older couple at my childhood church that I am very close to and I consider them my grandparents. Growing up, I only had one set of grandparents (my mom's parents) and they lived an hou away from us, so this couple would come to my school for our granparent's day lunches and stuff like that. After my "real" grandpa died I tried to push the couple away (I didn't want to open myself to hurt again), but they wouldn't let me and to me THAT is what makes a grandparent. Not blood, but love :) If you can connect with a child that needs the love of a granparent thn I think that's the most wonderful gift you could ever give :)

Emma - posted on 07/05/2011




What a lovely idea, I hope you find what your looking for! There is nothing better than a grandparent's love, I'm so greatfull my parents have gotten to spend lots of time with my kid's. I hope that things change for you & you get to know your grandchildren. My parents don't get to see much of there other grandchildren, it puts a huge strain on the whole family (I find it very hard to watch anyone disrespect my mum & dad). Xxx

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