Hi I am a new mom & wanted advices from other moms.

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New mom and my son has been having a cough for a few days. Well he woke up from a nap on Sunday and wasn't acting himself so I took him to the emergency room and he had a fever of 103. They did a chest X-ray and said it looks like he might have a infection in his lungs. The dr said he has bronchitis. They prescribed him some Tylenol, Ibuprofen and inhaler. So the next night he was breathing so fast and hard so I took him back and all they did was give him a breathing treatment and said he has an eye infection so they prescribed him antibiotics for his eye infection. And yesterday I took him to his follow up and they didn't do anything & last night he was coughing so much wouldn't sleep. He coughs and then I can't really hear when he cries. I'm so worried that I watch him sleep and stay up all night incase anything happens. I let him lay on my lap while I sit up to help him breathe. & it's really hard cause I work in the mornings. I'm scared that it might be something serious & don't know what to do;(


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How old is he??? To help him breath easier you can put a cool mist humidifier in his room, and put something UNDER his mattress to give a slight inclination so everything can drain easier. I have suffered with bronchitis since I was 5...so tips that work for me. Don't let him eat or drink anything cold......it will make the cough worse. Try to avoid sugar. If going out into the cold, it can make him cough more breathing in cold air.

If you don't have a cool mist humidifier, try to get one. If you cannot do that, go into a steamy bathroom and let him breath that air in. If you are concerned, bring him back to the doctor.

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