hi, i am a single mom of 2 boys, they dont see thier father at all. MY PROBLEM: i met this guy about an year and a half ago, he is a second ever guy in my whole life , saying first was my ex husband and second is him. now, i really loved my ex husband and still have feelings for him however he is married now and have his own little family. AND i feel left out, even though this guy that i m with at the moment is great, he loves my kids, loves me, have proposed to me ( i said no, coz i dont think i m ready), he is really understanding and everything a woman can wish for in a husband sort of thing. my issue is i cant feel the same way for him as i felt for my ex husband., i care about him but just cant show affection as a woman should when she is in love, i feel that i dont even love him......which is scary. i dont know if i ll ever be able to fall in love again ever with him or anyone at all. no no , dont get me wrong, i m not decieving this guy, he knows how i feel, we are quite open about our emotions, yes he gets confused sometimes and ofcourse expects a bit more from me....BUT. i dont know how to or what to do or how do i get my feelings back, leave him for his own good coz maybe i will never be able to show affection at all to him or, stick with him and hope that eventually i will learn to love him or .....i just dont know what to do. can you help


Holly - posted on 10/23/2012




It sounds like you have a lot of growing up to do before you make any mite life changing decisions... Your ex had moved on, get over it... Your feelings you have for him, you need to stop, get over it, move on, you sound like a teenager who WISHES her life was a soap opera...

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