Hi, i am a single mother with 2 year old twin boys, the father doesn’t want anything to do with them, i need to change their last name to mine, but we were not married at all, how I go about change their last name without the father’s permission, because I don’t have any contact with him, and I really need to get this sorted??


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in my case, i had to contact a mediator to get a certificate (mediation was deemed inappropriate due to domestic violence), with the certificate i was then able to apply to court for a court order to replace the fathers signature. the court ruled in my favour (even though he showed up and contested - which i wasnt expecting after a number of years absence in her life) and then i applied to births deaths and marriages to change my daughter's last name.

it took a few months to get it done, and costed me a few hundred dollars all up but my daughter got what she wanted in the end. I agree with michelle, check with your local court or births,deaths and marriages office on what you need to do. there will be guidelines for you to follow. let us know how you go!

Michelle - posted on 08/22/2012




It would be best to check with the courts in your local area. They can give you all the information you need.

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