Hi.. I am new here and i think i still dont know how to post or reply a post. Or even send message to otger members... I have tried to reply in some postings and when some people post in my reply, i even dont know how to open it so i cant read those replies till now... Thanks before...


Amy - posted on 07/14/2012




Well it looks like you have figure out how to start a post! In order to open a post you click on bold black question, that will open up the post or question. Once there you can read through all the other comments if they are there. If you want to reply or add something there is a box immediately under the question that says "Post a reply". Simply type what you want to say and then click on the post box.

Just a note you may receive a notification that someone replied to a post but when you open it you may not be able to see it. You can try to reverse the order from oldest to newest or vice versa but it is a glitch with the system so you may not be able to see it! Good luck.

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