Hi, I got 7 years old daughter and she really make me crazy when I ask her to wake up every morning to prepare to go school. Actually she's very shy & well behave girl last time but we notice her changes this past few months. She always got a tantrums (Crying so loud, rolling in the floor & throwing things) I was so upset co'z every time I talk to her after the incident she just keep quiet and say sorry. I always ask her what is her problems but she never speak up. I just want to as your advice how can I control my temper every time is acting like that?? It's normal for her age to act like that??


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Ella - posted on 09/25/2012




Yeh I agree with bobbie,it's unusual that she's started to behave this way out of the blue,if u really have tried to talk to her n she won't open up then mabey try have a very close girls day,lots of talking fun etc n cuddles hopefully then try talking about it again,if at the bottom of it nothing has happend then mabey she's just growing up n haing a hard time in her head she realises its not ok as she apologises,meby when she gets like this u could carry her to her room n say when u have done u can come down,that way u won't end up getting wrapt up into the whole thing

Bobbie - posted on 09/25/2012




Children do not change behaviors or patterns unless something has happened to change the way they feel. Are there new people in the home, such as a boyfriend? I would be concerned and talk to her with great tenderness to tell her you love her very much and you want her to be happy. Ask her if she is happy all the time. Hopefully she opens up to you so that you can address what is really going on. Something isn't right and I don't think she is able to cope with whatever it is.

Keep her safe and find out what has happened to her.

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