Hi, I have a 12 week old baby boy with lots of gas

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My little boy constantly has gas. I have tried adjusting my diet (he is solely breastfed) I have tried the bio gai drops without success and I spend long periods of time trying to burp him after feeds. Bedtime is a nightmare because he hates lying on his back because of the stomach aches. One day while I had him on his tummy for playtime he fell asleep and slept for 4 hours. He is obviously more comfortable on his belly and this is the only way he will sleep now for the last 3 weeks. He has great head control and can move his head with ease. I know your not supposed to put baby's on their tummies to sleep but I'm at a loss what to do?? Any suggestions??


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You do not give a baby or infant anything Alvina, unless it is suggested by the doctor.

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Give your baby babies magic tea and also drink by yourself to pass it to your child through your milk supply.

Camille - posted on 10/10/2015




My son also had a really bad gas problem I gave him gripe water and when he was awake I push his legs up towards his chest and I would do it five times and I would do it like every two hours right before he would go to sleep the combination of these things worked great with in a couple of day he wasn't waking up or crying out in his sleep any more

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I am a mother of two kids, (one still breastfeeds) having same troubled nights, but once I used the babies magic tea. Now my boy and I sleep well all the night except the feeding time.

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Have you tried the mylacon (sp?) drops. they work instantly and look for off brands of it they work just as well but better price.

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Never massage tummy anyway but clockwise! Gripe water works best for my son and I agree with the tummy thing too - if you feel he is strong enough then he is cause you r the one that would worry the most anyway!

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Hi there! We had this same issue with our baby girl who is now 3 months old. I am no expert but I know this worked for us. If you massage their tummy (I think it was from the right to the left), this helps. Because their digestive system is not fully functional yet, this causes different things like gas. I have heard some people massage with oil on their belly in circles...babies love massages :) Also, if you are breastfeeding, you might want to make sure you are not eating foods that will make the baby have gas (broccoli, spicey things, chocolate, caffine, etc.). These don't affect everyone, but if you are having problems, these are the areas to look at. I hope this helps :)

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Kristin, He can hold his head steadily during tummy time. He still is a bit of a bobble head but I think he is very strong for his age. At his 8 week old shots, the nurse thought he was a small 4 month old rather than a 2 month old because he held his head up so well and was so alert. Thanks for the advice everyone.

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after the bottle or feed give him some cooled boiled water it works like magic. and this whole on the back or on the front years ago mothers were always told to lay there baby on there tummies,its just that the midwives change there minds so blinkin often no body ends up knowing what they are supposed to do

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my baby started sleeping on his tummy at 5 weeks - as long as you're comfortable with it, then it's one of those "mommy" decisions that not everyone is going to agree with, but you have to do what is best for your baby! for his gas problem, another thing that might help him - lay him on his back and bend his knees up to his tummy, then straighten his legs out...do this a few times and it often will help "release" some gas. also i found rubbing my sons tummy in a clockwise motion with a bit of pressure helped alot too. good luck!

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My second was like that from DAY 1. So, I know how you feel. I tried all the diet stuff with no real success. What did work, was to burp frequently druing feedings and this other thing. We would lay him belly down on our laps with one leg higher than the other. It has to be the leg closest to his bum. Then just very gently rock/pat his back until the gas was out. It also helped to bicycle and kick his legs and gently twist/stretch him.

How does your son do with tummy time? Work with him on propping/pushing up with his arms and rolling front to back and vice versa.

As for sleeping, we survived for millenia sleeping however we wanted to. Yes, SIDS is a risk, but you do know your child. Mine would sleep that way only. I would put mine on their side and if they happened to end up on their belly, well.... There you have it.

do what works for you and your baby.

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I'm no expert but I would think it might be better for him on his tummy as long as there is nothing in his bed that can hinder his breathing. I could be wrong though! But at 12 weeks he should be able to move himself a lot easier.

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