hi i have a 15month old son to my partner of 5years. im at the stage where i dont no what to do as we argue all the time. he treats me like a slave expecting me to do everything for him. and if theres the slightest thing wrong or its not done the way HE wants then he critisises and moans and im at the stage im sick of been treated like his slave and have really started sticking up for my self. he is a aragant self involved man who doesnt think of little things that women expect to be treated . eg i say have a good day he says i hope i do . not thanku i hope you have a good day to!!! he hates when im on the computer and is always paranoid. he acuses me of everything. you name it i have proberly been blamed for it. the list will go on. he dosnt see what i do on a daily basis from house work to caring for our son to caring for our 5 dogs, to helping sort his up and coming business. i dont like sex any more because its not making love its just sex ,not even kissing cuddling foreplay or cuddling in bed. so i avoid it where ever possible. then he moans i dont do anything sexc for him or even touch him good. but how can i when he dosnt even show me the same satisfaction, he just lays back like a king. phhffftttt. i love him and dont want to leave the tiny part of him that is nice. but its getting worst and i dont know what to do do you think hes a asshole??????? do you think i should stick around???


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Michelle - posted on 01/08/2012




Do you want your son to grow up and treat women the same way?

Hopefully the answer is "NO!!!!!" If that's the case then you need to leave. I was with a man like that and he even treated his mother like a slave. Needless to say I did leave him and I was so glad I didn't have children with him.

Start getting together some money and even enquire with a family lawyer. If he talks about committing suicide if you leave please don't stay. I have found MOST of the ones that threaten suicide won't go through with it, they use it as emotional blackmail.

Rebecca - posted on 01/08/2012




he thinks he has brought everything for me which mojority of it he has but he makes me feel useless worthless, and i just dont want the chance of losing my son as he can get all suisidal and make me feel real bad. i want my son to see his father but i dont want him to have the full reins because i dont want him to take him away from me. i want him to see my son but he might be a asshole and never see his son again and he has said that a few times it make me feel so bad because i know my son loves his dad. and i dont want to hurt my son

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