Hi I have a 3yr old son 4 in October I have issues with his preschool approx 1yr ago his teachers told me he need speech therapy I said he was talking was fine at home & quite fluent & did nt take him then a few months later they told me he was hand flapping & tip toe walking & felt he did nt understandhis teachers & thay said it raises red flags I was gobsmacked as i knew he did wave his arms in frustration at times & toe walks occasional too, but I did tell them it was just bad habbits but they wud not beleive me instead apologising that their job is hard to raise such things with parents however they said his speech was absolutely fine, I paid for a health visitor to asess my son at home who told me he was age appropiate in all areas & thought hwas in fact a little ahead when she observed him in preschool she said he was boistrous but thought it was maturity issues, my son now has almost outgrown his habbits & is & has always been very social dry day & night a year has a fluent extensive vocabluary & follows instructions & very talkative & has a gr8 sense of humour etc.. took him to my GP who was very adamant he did not need referal to a piaedrician, his preschool file has not been progressed in a year its like they have put him on hold he starts back in September am I right to make a formal complaint sorry for long essay here I really need help its caused me no end of stress & worry thank you

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Plz if theres mums whos children have been wrongly red flagged in preschool ,would you advise me it would be so appreciated thank you


Gwen - posted on 08/23/2012




Can you get a written statement, or copy of the Dr.s observations and diagnosis to give to the preschool? If you are filing a formal complaint, definitely include it as documentation.

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