Hi. I have a 51/2 month baby who weighs around 7.7kg. I am a stay at home Mom who spend the entire day with the baby.Lately i have observed that i have severe back pain in lifting my child which gets severe during night and mornings. I cannot carry my baby for long.I have been diagnosed with Vitamin D insufficiency plus my hair if falling badly.Any remedies for backache. Any advices please


Louise - posted on 08/17/2012




I think you need to look at your diet and what you are eating to see if you can improve your diet. Or take vitamin supplements. Vitamin D is also available from the sun. 20 minutes in the sun each day should keep your body topped up. Doctors are seeing a rise in people who are suffering in vitamin D deficiency because of the over use of sun creams. Try and go out when the sun is not at its hottest just for two 10 minute slots without cream and see if that makes any difference at all. Never allow yourself to get burnt though.

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