hi i have a 9 year old daughter who is recieving ssi and i was asked to bring in proof for her dedicated account and how much is on it i was given $2200.with the permission of my child worker i took out $1200 because i was evicted so i have proof of taking that amount out but here the problem there was $891.00 left in the dedicated account i use it without permission and i have no receipts of what it was spent on. so now im starting to put in money into a new dedicated account i just open just to show that im putting in the money i wasnt suppose to touch.so i recently went to the soc sec adm and they told me that if i didnt have proof of the used $891.00 that the case was gonna be close within 30 days.i explained my situation to the worker hut she said they still would need the proof.so my question is would i be able to file for a waiver or is there anyway that i could continue putting in money that i touched and they would see that im atleast putting in the money please i need some help thank you


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/10/2013




How you are allowed to spend the SSI is in the paperwork you got when you filed and were approved for it. If you did not follow those rules, then they'll close the case, and probably won't consider you for more benefits. Which would really be a pity if your child truly needs the assistance.

However, the ONLY way to be sure is to contact the SSA immediately, ask for a case representative, explain the situation, and see what your options are. You should already have a caseworker assigned to your file, actually. Every time I call about my husband's disability or the kids' SSI, I always talk to the same person.


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