hi, i have a baby girl and she will be six weeks this wednesday am breastfeding her, she is non stop wanted to be on my breast so i dont know if she is really hungry are just wanting to be close with me and wont sleep or rest till i put her to my breast my fiance has be helping with her trying to calm her down but i just end up giving in and feed her she sometimes is every20mins could be 30 and mostly at night and early morning its ood night or day that she will be settle,, am really stessout and feel really trap i cant get any housework done and if i leave the house to go food shopping or just out for a walk for some fresh air i have to rush home to feed her ..i have the elec pump but i dont want to express to soon i really love my little girl so much,,,, and how soon have first time mums had sex was just wondering not that i have any time are enegry for sex at the moment lol ...has other mums breastfeed babies been like this ??? please any advice would be great ladies and thanks in advance


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Sarah - posted on 05/06/2012




Its normal. Babes go through a growth spurt around 6 weeks, then 3 months, 6 months. They will feed more often to increase your sup0ply. This can go on for a week or two. Just keep nursing him, it's what he needs.

After I had my kids, the first time we had sex was 3 months after my first (I had a lot of tearing and it was quite painful) and 2 months after my second (maybe the first 2 times hurt a bit but after that was fine). It really depends on how you feel, both your comfort levels with resuming activity, and your time. Don't feel there's a specific date by which you need to have sex again (though usually are advised to wait 6 weeks). Make sure you use birth control though or you could be pregnant again sooner than planned. Breastfeeding does not prevent pregnancy (though it may make it more difficult, some women will still ovulate while nursing).

Teresa - posted on 05/05/2012




ANd don't listen to those who are telling you that she is starving. If she is peeing then you know she is getting milk. My son went through a few stages in the first 3 months where he was constantly eating. BUt I knew that it would soon pass and my body would start to make more milk. You can pump, too, when she finally does get on a regular schedule. And housework? Just the basics until she gets a little older. Good luck and have fun with her, they are so precious.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/05/2012




Yes, both of mine loved being on the boob. For the first 3 months it tends to be the most difficult. When they are going through growth spurts, they eat more to bring more milk in also. So literally you are a milk machine. It will get easier, but BFing is a lot of work very time consuming, and exhausting. Really, you just have to go by her ques, and feed when she is hungry. It is a hard job, but you can do it momma! Mother hood is very exhausting...but right now just push off the house work, and enjoy your time with your new baby. Congratulations and good luck!

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