Hi, i have a dilemma which i could do with some thoughts on. I have 2 children aged 14 and 10 and i am now 7 weeks pregnant, how on earth do i go about breaking the news to them?


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Jess - posted on 10/07/2011




Oh it's so hard isnt it. I was 11 and my brother 13 when my mum announced she was having a baby. the only problem i really remember was that our step dad became all consumed by the new baby and we basically had our noses pushed out, i think we should have had a bit of therapy for that as i think it has affected us in our adult lives. i suppose knowing all this, i just need to make sure history doesnt repeat its self...... must think positively!!

Sherri - posted on 10/07/2011




I just had to do this. I have a 14, 13 and 5yr old. We just called a family meeting and broke the news.

My 14yr old sobbed inconsolably but we just let him vent and explain his concerns. His concerns aren't what we thought at all they were more financially. How can we afford another etc. etc. He has now comes to terms with it, although he is still less than thrilled.

My 13yr old was much quieter about it although not thrilled. He is now really excited and can't wait.

My 5yr old honestly although he gets the concept and knows he will have another brother doesn't understand fully what that entails. So he is over the moon.

Just be honest and let them vent in a nonjudgmental safe environment and once they can do so they manage to come to terms with it in their own way. Just make sure they know your love for them will never change.

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