hi,i have a11month old daughter,i never left her alone,she is breast feed baby.she doesnot like bottle.i am so worried becoz i am going back on my work in aug.what should i do.plz help me...


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Krista - posted on 07/28/2012




If she doesn't like a bottle, have you considered trying her with a cup? She's old enough now for one. Maybe the novelty will please her.

I would definitely recommend spending some time apart from her now and again between now and august, though. Otherwise, it'll be tough for her to go from Mommy, Mommy, Mommy 24/7, to having you gone for hours on end. Even if you just leave her with a trusted relative for an hour, with a cup full of expressed milk, and you do this every 2nd day, it'll be a good way to get her used to things.

Just make sure when you DO leave her, not to make a big fuss. Otherwise, she'll pick up on it and get upset. Be matter-of-fact and upbeat when you leave, and also when you return.

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