hi i have heard that babies stop eating properly during teething.for how long it remains?my 6 mnth baby has started teething n his 2 lower tteth r now slightly visible just their tips bt he still doesnt opens his mouth to take anythng.for how long i should wait for hm to recover from ths so that i can offer hm more foods as baby food jars has to b used within 48 hrs as written on them once opened so it is costing me alot as i opn jar he refuses to eat n i hav to then throw all.can any1 help plz?


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Katherine - posted on 06/27/2012




thanks little miss bt i also tried home made food but what about apple purree n peach also i started turning darker brownish it seems to me that it has started loosing its nutritious value?thats y i avoid home mede

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/27/2012




Well, you can make your own baby food and freeze it. I did it in ice cube trays, and once frozen I transfered them to a freezer ziploc bag. Just take out 1 per meal, and it worked great. Also you can buy a big thing of yogurt that has a cover and last for a while. I would use my frozen food like a banana for instance and mix it with the yogurt with a little wheat germ. He may not be hungry either. It is painful to teeth. Sucking might be easier for him right now.

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