Hi I'm 20 weeks pregnant and no movement yet any other moms experiencing same? Or lack of


Chet - posted on 09/13/2014




I didn't generally feel much movement with my pregnancies - not compared to other people. If I'd done kick counts I would have failed and been at the ER freaking out every day.

During ultrasounds techs would sometimes say, "wow you must have felt that kick" and I'd felt nothing. However, tighter abdominal muscles and your placenta being on the front can reduce the amount of movement you feel. I started out with tight abs, and had anterior placenta several times. Also, when our forth was born an ultrasound tech commented that I had very large and healthy looking placenta (and it was anterior).

Anyway, if I recall correctly, it's normal to not feel movement until 22 weeks with a first pregnancy!

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