Hi I'm 23 years old I love with my mom and I have a 5 year old he was diagnosed with autism but he is doing just fine. My mom is not working I have been working since I was 16 years old before my child was born and I paid the bills. I currently work 2 jobs and just graduated from college. Me and my mom had an agreement when my child was first born tht I would work and go to school while she help me with my child taking him to his appointments etc. Now tht I want to move and just recently stopped helping with bills she's taking me to court for custody of my child. Her side of the story is tht I'm always at work and is never there with my child. She has taken him on all of his appointments and school events while I work and is using it against me in court. His teachers and doctors are witnesses to never really seeing me at anythng. Basically my mom is there with him everyday all day. Can she win this case? I think she just only needs the money he gets to pay her bills.


Michelle - posted on 07/13/2014




You would be best to get a lawyer and ask them. We don't know every detail of the law so most advice you get here won't be correct.

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