Hi :-), i'm a 1st time mommy - and i can safely say there is never a dull moment with my lil princess*hiding my face*!! she is now 3 months - and i have officially introduced formula and solids(baby rice cereal). but she does not poop regularly anymore. she can go for 3 days without pooping! is this normal?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/23/2013




Well, she is to young for solids, so maybe stop the rice. FF babies can go a couple of days without pooping, but most likely it is the rice that is binding her up. Solids should not be offered til 4-6 months. The later the better. You want them to be able to sit unassisted, hold their head up, tongue thrusting (which helps control the swallowing properly) and interest in food. If you sit her in her high chair and she cannot sit up, it isn't time for solids. But what is going on with the pooping is most likely you have introduced it to soon. Good luck.

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