Hi! I'm a first time mom and am going through a tough time dealing with my daughter's sleeping pattern. she barely sleeps. she is two months old and is a gassy baby. she fails to stay asleep for a long duration due to gas problems where she struggles a lot in her sleep and wakes up to pass gas. the pediatrician has adviced me to give neopeptine drops and i see it gives her a bit relief but not so much to fall asleep for longer period. tried swaddling her but of no help. she barely sleeps for around 10 hours in a 24 hour period. i know this is too less but also cant help it as she just doesnt sleep. also she spits up atpeast twice during the day is that fine? are neopeptine drops safe for regular use? i've been adviced to give them for a month. please help also she just doesnt sleep during the night.


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Claudia - posted on 10/31/2012




Yeah, I agree with trying naps on their bellies. That helped my daughter immensely. She always napped on her belly and slept for hours at a time. Their digestive systems are so underdeveloped at that time and gas is such an issue. I remember those days. Just try having her nap on her belly and keep a close eye on her when she does nap like that. I bet it will help.

Danielle Kimberly - posted on 10/31/2012




I have a very gassy LO too. I can pass along some tricks that I use that have worked great for me.. Burp her often during a feed, like after every ounce and try to feed her in more of a sitting up position, this might help with the spitting up (but it is normal for babies to spit up, as long as its not projectile and she is gaining weight and wetting diapers). Do the bicycle with her legs and massage her tummy. You can also try to feed her an ounce of water a day, this helps more for passing stool as it acts like a natural laxative, but it's helped me. I am not sure what Neopeptine is, but I use Ovol drops on occasion, if she seems extremely bothered.

When my LO was about 6 weeks old she wouldn't nap/sleep well cause of her gas. I started putting her to sleep on her side and, sometimes for naps, I would put her on her belly. It helps release the gas in their bellies. I know it is "wrong" for babies to sleep on their stomachs nowadays, but maybe try it for nap and watch her closely just to see if that makes a difference, if it helps her to sleep. My LO will only sleep on her belly now. I have talked to my doctor about this... Always check with your doc.

Here is one more "trick" that I have personally never used, however, the mom who told me this swears by it: Take a Q-TIP and lather the end with vaseline. Very gently, rub it around the outside of your LO one's anus. Do it for about 5 min and apparently it releases a lot of gas.

Good luck! All babies are different and I hope you find something that works for you and your LO.

Rachel - posted on 10/31/2012




Do you breast feed or bottle feed? This can have a big impact. If you are breast feeding, it may be something you are consuming causing her intestinal issues. If she is on formula, consider she may need a different one. I breast fed for the first two months, then switched to formula. My daughter would projectile vomit EVERY feeding - it was miserable. She had a constant rash, burping, crying, etc. Finally, a neighbor suggested trying a hypoallergenic formula as she could have a formula allergy - my daughter has not puked ONCE since he put her on Elecare. It was amazing to see the difference. She slept longer because she was full, she was no longer irritable, and the world was a better place. I hope you can figure out the drop situation. I know we give our daughter gas drops if she shows signs of needing it - some say gripe water helps.

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