hi i,m bunny,I have a 2 and a half yr old boy,he only speaks about 10 words,hes been to see a speech thearapist last month,she said that he was a very head strong child,which i would have to agree with,My son was not very co.operatetave with her,she said she would see him again in 6 months,My health visitor said that i should start potty trianing soon,i feel that my son is not ready for that step yet,as he is not taiking enough yet,i feel that my health visitor is pushing him to much,I feel that we should be worring more about his speech first,any advice moms


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Bunny Mc - posted on 11/06/2014




thank you so much for your advice,its good to hear some positive stories,bunny

Sarah - posted on 11/06/2014




I tried a whole bunch of different methods to get my son potty trained at 2. All of them failed. Eating and toileting are two things a toddler can control. I finally gave up, stopped asking for ideas and waited. My son knew where the potty was and that he had some special underpants waiting for him. He trained, in one day, at 3 years and 3 months. So I think you can tell the health visitor that you respect her advice but as his mom, you will decide when to potty train.
Also, at 2.5 years he should be talking in phrases. My second son had a speech delay and required a year of therapy to close the gap between him and other kids his age. I would not accept waiting another 6 months. If therapy started now, he could make huge progress in those 6 months.

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