Hi I'm new here I'm having issuers with my 11 year old daughter she's out of control and disrespectful


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Mommabird - posted on 12/20/2014




Welcome to Circle of Moms! My daughter will be 11 in June and we've been through the disrespecting issue before, and she is alot more respectful to Everyone now. I think its easier to correct the issue if you KNOW WHATS CAUSING IT..... Do you know what is causing her behavior? Divorce? New sibling? Learning disability? Do you work alot? Change schools or move recently? All of the above, and more, could be causes of her behavior. Like I said, you need to figure out the cause before you can determine how to remedy the problem.

Ev - posted on 12/19/2014




Why is she out of control and disrespectful. What have you done in the past for her behaviors when she has gone against the rules? Or has she been allowed to do as she pleased until now?

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