hi~~~ i'm seojun mom

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do you know how to take off diaper at night!

my son's age is 4


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Some children take much longer to night train than others. Their bladders just aren't mature enough to go that long and they lack the physical control over their bladders to stop from wetting. Some children may require overnight protection up to 8 years old and beyond.

There are ways you can *help* or encourage him to stay dry at night. No drinks for an hour before bed. Have him use the washroom right before bed. But other than that you just have to give him time to mature.

My son is 3.5 years old and still not night trained. And I'm not holding my breath for him to reach that point any time soon!

So just keep in mind that it's nothing to do with him not wanting to stay dry or being lazy. He just isn't physically ready. Once he stays dry for about 2 weeks you're probably pretty safe to remove the diaper.

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