hi i need some advice..i have a 15month old and i recently found out that im pregnant again..im 5 weeks today..after having my first child my doctor adviced me not to get pregnant until i remove the fibroids from my previous pregnancy which btw has grown..i told her i wanted to lose the weoght i had gained first then ..only to realize that i was pregnant the same time i was going to her to do the surgery..so im stuck with a fibroid thats about 5 cm(thats the biggest one).i really want this baby but for the past few days when i use the bathroom and wipe im seeing slight traces of blood with mucus.i called her and she told me because of my situation it could be a miscarriage but ill just have to wait and see..today i started to feel a lil pain on my right side and i was wondering if thats another sign of a miscarriage.the pain isnt overbearing but its coming and going and so is the lil blood im seeing..can anyone give a success story if they went through anything similar snd advice me on wat i shud do..cuz my next appointment os in 3weeks and when i go i really want to hear my baby's heartbeat and know that alls well..i dont know what to do or think right now..plz help


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/13/2013




Well, I would try to see if you can move up your date for your appointment. Let them know what is going on, and that you are in pain. Hopefully they will adjust your appointment time since this is an issue. Good luck!

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