Hi..I was pregnant in jan 2012. Doctor had ultrasound and detected no growth. she suggested for DNC and I had. I had full check up and everything was normal. Same thing is repeated now in Dec 2012. Again I had DNC. Now, I am physically and emotionally broken after two DNC. Can anyone suggest what can be the reason behind this. In what way I should proceed now. Is there any chance of pregnancy after two DNC. Please suggest..


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Rakhee - posted on 12/10/2012




Hi michelle,,,Thanks 4 ur concern. Doc had two ultrasound at an interval of two weeks. and said there is no embroy development and suggested for DNC.

Michelle - posted on 12/09/2012




Is it just no growth or no fetus? If it's no growth then I hope you had more that 1 ultrasound and a few weeks apart to determine that.

If they are saying after 1 ultrasound that there is no growth then I would be getting a 2nd opinion before getting a D&C.

I did have a D&C with my first pregnancy that I miscarried and have gone on to have 3 healthy babies.

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