Hi,I would like to share my problems about my husband's SON.before we get married i already know that he is a son.and he is paying for custody.when we got married,every weekend he got his son from his ex wife so that they can have time for each other,when his exwife knew that we are recently got married with my husband,she never allowed my husband to get his son or see his son..is that a valid reason why he never see his son because he is married?..my husband is so depressed because of what happen..please give me some advise..thank you.


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Sally - posted on 09/15/2012




Hi, be strong for your husband, enccourge him to get legal advice. So many men feel that they wouldn't have a chance in court against the mother ,so the don't bother. This is not the case anymore. Help and support him as best you can. X

Michelle - posted on 09/15/2012




Legally if he is supposed to be getting his son every other weekend, he should still be getting him now that he is married. Is there a custody agreement if not he needs to be taking her to court to get a visitation agreement done. If she continues to withhold access because he is married a judge could see fit to give custody to the father. Talk to a lawyer

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