Hi iam new to Circle of moms hubby and i have 4 little ones 1 for me from a previous relationship and 1 for him from a previous relationship and 2 from our marriage. welllll . . .recently my ex has popped up asking to see our daughter after umm what 4 years?!! he is soooo rude and inconsiderate he makes rude sexual comments towards me regarding our past its so disgusting without causing drama for my little girl i just want to tell him that he needs to stop another thing is when my daughter goes over by his mom she is bombarded with questions about what happens in our home HELP!!!!


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Tea - posted on 11/06/2012




Wow i did not even think about sexual harrasment i will let him know thank you so much for this advice

Michelle - posted on 11/04/2012




First of all let him know that you won't tolerate his comments and if he continues you will have him up on sexual harassment charges. Hopefully that will stop him but if it doesn't be prepared to go through with it. No one has to put up with it and it's not just in the workplace that sexual harassment happens.

As far as them asking your daughter questions there's not really a lot you can do. Just let your daughter know that she doesn't need to keep secrets but she also doesn't have to answer any questions she doesn't want to. Make sure that she knows she can tell you anything that is going on over there. Don't get upset in front of her when she does tell you otherwise she might stop.

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