hi im 21 years old and this is my first pregnancy so it sucks to say i have no clue what to expect. like when people ask me if i count my cramps to see if its contractions, first of all i have no idea what to do and how to expect it..like when the doctors ask me if i have had any contractions i just say no because i have no idea what they feel like. Anyway i am 32 weeks now and i have been feeling cramping like im getting my period and back pains.Seems as if i can barely sleep at night always constant tossing and turning and when i try to lay on my sides i can only do so very little as it gets painful when i lay on either side.i need help as i dont obviously know what to expect and what to do. last doc visit i did tell her been cramping alot more and back pains and all she tells me is to keep this baby in longer!!she never checked it out.Also a question for u moms, when u went to your doc appointments do they usually check your cervix in every appointment? as i only had mine checked once which was at 28 weeks and when i go to my appointment im usually in and out all she does is measure my belly and check the bbys heartbeat!


Tina - posted on 10/25/2012




I know how you feel. Im 24 and 31 weeks pregnant with my first child. I think i have had some braxton hick contractions because sometimes my whole belly just tightens up and its very.uncomfortable but i really dont know what to expect either.

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