hi im 39wks pregant fed up will castor oil capsules bring my labour on


Sarah - posted on 11/03/2013




No castor oil is a laxative and can be VERY dangerous if taken. Since it is a laxative that is what it does....thus it can cause you to become dehydrated. Due to the dehydration you may have contractions because the dehydration puts stress on your body and on the baby. Because your body and your baby are stressed this puts both yourself and your baby at risk. There are many things that can go wrong. You are 39 wks.....you have waited this long why risk your baby's health and your health for an extra week or so. Enjoy this time that you have now because everything changes once the baby comes. I know how you feel.....I have had 3 kids, but that is also why I say enjoy what time you have now as EVERYTHING changes after baby comes and there will be days when you wish for the time that you had prior to birth.


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Jodi - posted on 11/03/2013




Why can't people just consider the best interests of their child? At 39 weeks, your baby is clearly not ready. Full term is anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks, depending on exact conception date. The simple fact is, your baby will come when it is ready. This isn't about you. It doesn't matter how uncomfortable you are. That baby isn't ready. period.

Castor oil doesn't bring on labour. It triggers contractions of the stomach and bowel which in turn may or may not trigger labour contractions. It can also cause the baby extreme distress if it doesn't happen to work. It may also make for a REALLY messy labour and delivery. It can cause dehydration (which can be a risk for labour). Why would people risk that? So you're uncomfortable. Get over it. Think of the child.

[momoftwo] - posted on 11/03/2013




I've heard nothing good at castor oil, so i would avoid that 100%.
You have to just let nature run its course , I know I know, its hard because it's exciting but I tried silly remedies and it did nothing. I tried that "eat a whole pineapple" thing and I want to warn you now don't try that either unless you want to spend a lot of time in the washroom. LOL

Nicole - posted on 11/03/2013




Yes I took two teaspoon of it in the am & by night time I started having contractions i was 39 weeks & couldn't wait any longer.

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