hi im a mum of a soon to be 4 yr old daughter and i am currently in the process of trying for another,ive if'd and am'd wether to have another ,wether the age gap is too much,i mean im one of five girls and my older sister is 16 yrs older then 14 and my twin sisters are 10 yrs older and ive got to say they are my best friends we have a gret relationship,my fear is that i love my daughter so much how do u share the love when number two arrives and will she love it and not feel pushed out ?


Amy - posted on 09/05/2012




My son had just turned 4 when my daughter was born and they are very close. My daughter loves her big brother, and he loves his little sister although now that she's two and he's 6 he is starting to want his own space but they still play very well together most days.

My son was very involved in my pregnancy he went to all the doctors appointments with my husband and I. He helped pick out the decor for his sisters room and he even chose the name. My son never felt left out because my husband and I spent time alone with him each day. When friends and family came to visit they always played with him first before the baby. The only issue we had was that he isn't a solid sleeper so the early months were a bit rough on him waking everytime his sister did even thought there rooms were at the opposite ends of the hall.

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