Hi im looking for recipes! we have just found out that my daughter has a lot of food intolarances which is setting her eczma off quite bad she isnt allowed any dairyproducts,preservatives starting with 200,sugar,bananas,plums,strawberrys,apricots,bakers yeast,peanuts. im finding it quite hard with school lunche ideas please help if you can :)


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Kathryn - posted on 09/04/2012




Is it all sugar, natural sugar from fruits or processed sugar?

Some pasta and cut up steamed veggies.

Fresh cut veggies with hummus dip.

Grilled chicken and dip.

Lunch meat and lettuce wrapped in tortilla.

Srambled eggs with meat minxed in.

Make your own soups. (Veggies, meat, rice, stock)

Homemade meatballs made with rice or oatmeal (instead of crackers, bread crumbs, etc.) and tomato paste instead of ketchup (though they do have agave ketchup and whole foods stores).

Baked potato with crumbled bacon.

Rice and black eyed peas. (You can make your own peas from dry)

Slice cucumber and use cookie cutters to make them in different shapes.

Soy milk smoothies. Blend soymilk with some ice and chosen fruit (not from list above) stick in thermos and in freezer until leaving for school)

Also check out his site, may help you too...


Talk with a nutritionst also.

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