hi.. im new here..im a filipino.. i have a problem and need your help

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im nursing my 10months old baby.. got my 1st period when he was 8 months old.. but up to now still havent had my period.. im 2months delayed.. ive taken a lot of test so far but still negative..and i dont feel any signs that im pregnant too.. is this normal for a nursing mom or you think i have a problem in my body.. anybody help? pls feedback


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Totally normal. It takes a while for the hormones to balance out. If you are BF (which you are) it can take even longer for the hormones to go back to normal. Like Amy suggested, use protection if you do not want to get pregnant, cause you can at any time. BFing is not birth control. MANY women get pregnant while bfing cause they did not know they could.

Amy - posted on 01/06/2013




Completely normal, if you don't want to get pregnant right now use protection.

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I had something similar happen when I had my second child. I went 8 weeks or more without a cycle and thought I was pregnant. Funds were tight at the time, so I didn't do a test. If you ate breastfed ding, it could just be natural effects from that. Since your test has been negative, I would wait and see what happens. If you gt no signs of pregnancy or positive tests, enjoy the benefits of natural child spacing for a while longer!

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