Hi, just joined thsi group and I am really hoping for some advise to help me go through difficult times. My oldest daughter turned 15 this year and it seems like she is changing before my eyes so quickly. 1. I feel like she cares more about her friends that her family especially her 2 siblings (8 and 10-girl and boy) and both have them have been compaining to them that she is not hanging out with them anymore. 2. She neglects her responsiblity at home and not helping out as much as she used to. 3. We have an oppurtunity to move to another state due to a job offer and when I dicussed this to her, she preffers to stay and live with one of her friends or move to another state with her aunt...sometimes I feel like she jsut dont watn to be around her family anymore.


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Cherish - posted on 08/06/2012




She sounds like a typical teen.They think they know it all...they think they are "better" than anyone else in their family.I am so not looking forward to the teen years again.(my kids are 19,11 and 10).
My oldest was the same way.He NEVER wanted to hang out with us,go anywhere,clean his room,help around the house etc...from age 13-now...lol

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