Hi ladies! I wonder if any of you is doing something to make the C-section fade or dissapear.. Any c


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Cocoa butter works pretty good, or, I think it's called, Mederma Stretch Mark cream.

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First of all a scar is fibrous tissue that replaces normal tissue during the healing process. The replacing tissue (or scar tissue) is usually inferior to the original and has less function as well. The first step to reducing scar visibility is to use Neosporin when you get cut. This will reduce the scars and help with the healing just to get things off on the right foot. All scars fade over time, so if you don't like your results you can just wait and see.
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Next you will want to purchase some Aloe Vera. This soothing balm can help to soothe not only the wound but also the skin and scar tissue. This will moisturize and help the scar fade over time. Also you will not want to pick scabs that form since this could increase scarring.
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Also you may want too look for some coco butter or onion extract. These products provide many essential nutrients to the wound and surrounding skin.
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Finally you may want to look for some over the counter medicines that will help with reducing or fading scar visibility. Products like these include Mederma, Bio gel or get Dermablend makeup to cover it up. Also consider getting silicone gel or a silicone sheet to put onto the scar. This will reduce visibility and size of the scar.

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What you'll need: * Vitamin E
* Coco butter
* Mederma
* Onion Extract
* Neosporin
* Aloe Vera

Read more: How to make Scars Fade | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5066887_make-sca...


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