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Please my baby is 11month old and he's not eating any food accept breastfeeding. What will i do so that he can start eating? I have tried given him cypri gold yet nothing is happening.


Dove - posted on 05/14/2016




The good news is that breast milk still has everything his growing body needs for now, so don't worry that he's not eating other foods just yet. I just looked up cypri gold and that's not something that I would be giving to an infant. It's definitely not necessary.

Keep offering him him easy to manage soft foods (banana, cooked carrots or sweet potato, pancake, etc...) once or twice a day, but as long as he's breastfed on demand and your milk production is good... do not worry about what he does or does not eat. He'll get there.

If he is still eating nothing w/in the next month or two you might want to talk to his doctor to keep an eye on his growth and health or to see if there are any developmental issues keeping him from eating, but I still wouldn't worry.

My son wasn't eating much in the way of food under a year (though he was eating some occasionally) and still had several breast milk only days til around a year and a half.

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