Hi moms I am 17 and have a 1 year old and my about 16 weeks along with a new baby me and my boyfriend of 4 years just split up I am conserd that the judge wont let me keep my kids cuz i have to move back in with my mom and get on my 2 feet and my ex is 20 but lives in a trailer that his mom has he pays no billls his family dose dose any one know if the judge will let me keep my kids i dont work but i am looking and getting my ged if any one can help me please let me know fast


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Kelsey - posted on 01/26/2013




I just got done dealing with custody issues with my ex. What you need to do is get familiar with your rights in your state. In my state; my baby's father had as much equal rights as I did. Legally, my ex could have taken the baby and not bring him back. Though, I looked into my rights as a mother in my state and I felt so much better. In my state, until paternity is proven, the baby's father was a stranger and had no rights of visitation while I was in my house or a family member's or even a friend's house. Just basically anyone that could kick him off of the property. I couldn't go out in public because he had rights outside my house; I was on-lock down for several months until my court day. Moving in with your mom really has nothing to do with anything. I'm 22 and my baby and I live with my parents as I'm going to college. As long as you're not an abuser or a drug addict; no judge would take your kids away. Though, you may have to do joint custody; which in my state, in the beginning was in-home visitations since my baby was so little. If you do take him to court and he has a job; take him for child support.

Tee - posted on 01/23/2013




Look up the custody laws for your state. Go file for primary custody of your son. Find out what programs are availible for you. Try Job Crops. They have a lot of training programs which will help you get a skill that will make you successful in life. Protect yourself and your children. Take a parenting class and set goals for you and your children.

You want to have a life for you and your children. As long as you are not on drugs or abusive to your children or putting them in harms way you will go very far. And the court will not remove them from your custody. The first thing is to start setting goals. Stay focused and positive.

Dove - posted on 01/23/2013




Unless you are abusive, a drug user, or otherwise putting your children in a dangerous situation... you won't lose your kids. Your ex may get joint custody (which would probably have limited visitation while they are so young) though.

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