Hi moms, I had a miscarriage on nexplanon implant. Should I keep it?

Stephanie - posted on 05/31/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi moms, I recently had a miscarriage while on the nexplanon implant. I went to the ER because of severe cramping (not as severe as contractions but worse than menstrual cramps) and bleeding. When I got there they asked if I was pregnant I said no and told them about my birth control. They checked my urine and I'm guessing it came out negative but then they checked my blood later and it showed I was pregnant. They brought the ultrasound machine and checked the heartbeat and there was no heartbeat and they told me I was going through a miscarriage and it was to late to do anything and no surgeries or removal was needed it would bleed out like a blood cot. I stayed for about a day in the hospital until the pain stopped. I asked if it was something wrong with me and they said it was the effects of the birth control and it wouldn't have made it any way. Now I don't know if this was just to make me feel better or if it was true. I hate that I even found out about it, they said it happens to plenty of women they just never knew what was happening. My daughter is almost 20 months I got the implant 5 weeks after giving birth and I nursed for a year and nursing alone is a birth control so I've been relying solely on my implant alone for only 8 months. The doctor said I was 6-8 weeks pregnant when I lost it. I just would like some advice or anything I was told that was wrong or if anyone knows more than I know. I still have the implant in they asked if I wanted to take it out. I was considering the pill because I don't want to go through this again because it really feels like a loss. Thanks moms

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