Hi moms, i have a 6 months old baby and he refuses to eat... i have tried pumpkin, sweet potatoes, baby cereal but no luck. he does get hungry thought but i just dont know what to feed him anymore. he wats to eat the food that we eat of which its still early for him to eat it. i have also tried purity. please help


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Dove - posted on 12/11/2012




Breast milk or formula are still all they need at this age. It's fine to offer him bits of whatever you are eating. Just try one thing at a time though and watch for allergic reaction for a few days before trying something new. He WILL get there. Just give him time.

Bobbi Jean - posted on 12/11/2012




I had this problem with my daughter when she was six month old. I did a lot of talking to the doctor and got creative. We had to be sure to have the same foods along with our dinner.

If he wants to eat what he sees you eating--here are some ideas that worked for my daughter at that age: Some of them were: unsweetened applesauce, peas, potatoes, and other soft vegetables mashed at the table, scrambled eggs--mashed, mashed banana. For some reason having her see me take something from my plate and mash it up for her seemed to work--go figure. I could not feed her anything with milk in it--allergy. You could also talk to your doctor about some other ideas. Every baby is different--best of luck.

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