hi my baby boy was 21 months. he is weight 10 kg. is it good. how to gain weight? please please advise me?


Cecilia - posted on 01/18/2013




It really does depend on the child. The doctors make up a growth chart to see how the child is growing. For example my daughter was at 15% for her weight since she was 6 months old. At 2 years she was at 10%. Not a huge deal. It would be a bad thing if she was at 50% and dropped to 10%.

basically you're going to need to ask your doctor when you're there how their growth looks. And if you should try to make them gain weight, and how. Since she is 21 months you should have her 2 year check up coming up soon.

My 2 year old is 12.7 kg. She is small compared to other children but she is healthy. she is short also so it isn''t like she looks unhealthy. We have short and skinny genes in our family. My mother is only 5 tall. my grandmother is 4'10' i think.

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