Hi My boyfriend allows his 13 year old daughter to manipulate him, he is divorced from the mother, has been seperated sinc the child was 2/3. However, they have remained close. she is very controlling and sets the agenda. often dictating how things should be, despite her having a new partner. He has very weak boundaries and also allows the child to sleep in the same room as him, When I stayed over the child slept in the bed next to his bed!! Needless to say I haven't done it since. She appears jealous and hugely manipulative of his time and attention and its almost like competing, she even asked her ftaher who he loved the best, her or me??! He played right into it instead of telling her that there are different types of love, he said of course he loved her best. Its so draining and has made me feel so undervalued and second best, he cant seem to sperate from the ex wife, despite her having new partner, their idea of co parenting just doesn't fit with a new relationship. The ex wife is also bitter, she doesn't want him but doesn't want anyone else to have him. The daughter is obviosuly needy but is becoming spoilt and demanding. I think I need to leave this situation. He says he loves me but I dont see any changes in his actions or behaviour to accommodate me


~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/24/2012




This is your second thread on this. I have answered your first one. Can you erase this duplicate thread?

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