Hi.....my daughter and me r in d weaning off breast feeding process.....tho I don't refuse her when she really insists......n I explain to her that no duddu(her word for milk) before nap n bedtime......n she usually ok with that.....but this transition is really having a effect on me and has made me very cranky n I'm crying a lot more.....I would say she's handling it better than me......advice suggestions ...my minds a mess n I don't feel like doing anything.....is this common..?


Christina - posted on 10/10/2012




Hey, I think you are fine, I don't remember being cranky (although I could have blocked that out) but I do remember being weepy and maybe even more emotional than normal. For me, it almost felt like I was needed less, so I was more emotional. Also, I am not a doctor, but when you stop breastfeeding, you stop producing that hormone that makes you feel euphoric, so your mood (and your memory) are a little off until your hormones catch back up. I weened my son by taking away one feeding every week or so, so the first week, I think it might have been his nap or mid day but the last one we stopped was his bedtime feeding. I wanted him to go to bed peacefully and I really needed that bonding time too ;)

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