hi my daughter is 13 months old and she has nine teeth.all the food im giving her is mashed cause im so nervous of giving her finger foods . i have tried fingers of toast and baby buiscuits but she doesnt really chew just swallows and then makes that choking sound and i give up. im a first time mother so all advice and ideas would be welcomed . thanks


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Gwen - posted on 02/01/2013




You can also chop up cooked vegetables...carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes. Give her bite sized pieces that are fairly soft. Also fruits such as peaches, pears and bananas are good to start with.

Faye - posted on 01/30/2013




She has to learn how to bite and chew at some point. She has to learn how to use her gag reflex. Yes, certain foods can be/need to be mashed BUT others are tough to mash. Start with small chicken fingers, potato string/fries which are baked. Another idea would be to not mash the food up but pull it apart/tear it apart (think pulled pork sandwich) with two forks. This would make it small enough for her to eat yet not gag on it.

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