Hi. My daughter is 9 years old and her attutide has changed and change in clothes from age 8 to 9 years. She used to not like dresses, skirts, and bikini swimming suits. But now she does. Her attutide has changed to where somedays she would get upset not sure what about but she either hides her face or runs and hides. I ask her whats wrong? I also try to talk to her but sometimes she either says nothings wrong or just wont come out and tell me. I tell her she can always come to mom and talk to me about anything. She seems to understand that, But most of the time it seems like she clams up. What would cause her to not want to talk or clam up?? I mean i'm always here for her. Also what would cause her to have a sudden change in clothing and attutide? She has been abused from a family friend. but would this cause her from a change of clothes or a little change in her attutide? Or is it just the change of her age? I mean is there a big change of clothes and attutide from age 8 to 9 years?


Marsha - posted on 08/01/2012




I have a daughter who is 8 and although she has always been very interested in clothes and fashion, she recently has started the crying thing also. Anything sets her off. If somebody is joking with her, if she gets a little bump, if her someone looks at her wrong. I think it's the beginning of puberty. Girls tend to go through it younger than boys and hormone changes starting as early as 8-9 is not unheard of.
I am sorry your daughter was abused, that also could have something to do with it, but it could be normal developing too. Has she been to a counselor at all? I know there is some negative stigmas associated with therapy, but it can be so helpful! Some things you just don't want to say to mom, unfortunately.
I hope everything gets better!

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